The Everyday Struggle to Survive and Protect

By Paul Hawkinson
Apr 27, 2022

I still remember the moment I was alerted that the password used for my company’s cloud storage—where we stored our backups, our data, essentially everything we wouldn’t want to be misplaced or stolen—had been compromised in a data breach. It was a heart-stopping moment and happened before I understood the importance of multi-factor authentication. While no damage was done, that isn’t true for many businesses; small businesses are being attacked at increasing levels.

My name is Joe Jakubielski, and I am a Cyber Defense Analyst here at the Carolina Cyber Center. For seventeen years, however, I published direct mail magazines and developed deep relationships with fellow small businesses in my area as I helped promote their businesses. I understand both sides of the story more than most cybersecurity professionals: the everyday survival struggle of small businesses that crowds out ‘hypothetical’ cybersecurity dangers and the everyday fight to protect businesses of all sizes from very real cybersecurity threats.

There shouldn’t be two sides to this story, however. I want to see small businesses and cybersecurity professionals working in tandem, supporting each other to build a more secure future. Join me in the coming weeks as we discuss everything from practical cybersecurity steps for small businesses to current events in the cybersecurity world.

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