Change is Here, and We’re Thankful for it

By C3 Staff
Nov 24, 2021

We believe that people can change. Ultimately, cybersecurity is a people problem, not a technological problem, so our solutions must address the root issues: behaviors and habits. In the last year, our goal has been to help individuals and small businesses make reasonable and prudent changes to protect their businesses. Our readers have been a part of that—from understanding the pipeline incident in June to implementing the latest measures of our cybersecurity guide.

But whether you are a cyber professional or a small business owner defending hard-won assets, it’s easy to be discouraged considering the rapidly escalating cybercrime in America today. Bad news seems to come from all sides. Yet look under the surface; change is happening for which we should celebrate and give thanks. Here are five specific things we at the Carolina Cyber Center are thankful for:

Despite deep divides, congress came together to pass the bipartisan Defense of U.S. Infrastructure Act of 2021. On a national level, this helps protect our country and gives National Cyber Director Chris Inglis, an immensely respected leader within the cyber community, free reign to hire more manpower.[1]1 In the span of a few years, his department will have gone from seven to seventy. While helping practically, it also means that dialogue between parties creates a united front to work towards change.

Several million dollars were allocated to our Western North Carolina region by the recently passed North Carolina Budget. Over eleven million dollars were allocated to the maturation of the Carolina Cyber Network of schools across the state to dramatically enhance work-ready cyber talent development. We are thankful for this bipartisan effort of state leaders coming together for the benefit of us all.

Although ransomware attacks are still a real threat, protection is more attainable. It’s attainable enough for some companies to offer high-dollar insurance coverage as a guarantee of protection. We will be launching our own threat hunting service in 2022 to support municipalities, small businesses, schools, etc. in our region.

Collectively, our resilience is getting better—we know of several local businesses who resisted ransomware demands and were up and running again in 3-5 days with their backups. For small businesses relying on a constant influx of customers to stay in business, this means everything.

Finally, individuals and small businesses are catching the vision. You are the game-changers, and we are thankful for the work you do.

Even as we stay alert, aware of cyber threats and the current cyber landscape, join us in celebrating the changes taking place in our nation, region, and cities. A more secure future is achievable, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of making it a reality.

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[1]White, E. (2021, November 4). Another congressional push to get feds back in the office faster. Federal News Network. Retrieved on 24 November 2021 from Another congressional push to get feds back in the office faster | Federal News Network

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