C3 Events Promote Asheville Cybersecurity Awareness

By Paul Hawkinson
Sep 6, 2022

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and increasingly targeting small businesses. To help, the Carolina Cyber Center of Montreat College (C3) launched the Summer Cybersecurity Series.

September 6, 2022 – Each Wednesday in August, the greater Asheville area businesses and non-profits were invited to jargon-free lunch and learn sessions to shared basic and fundamental steps that can be taken to help keep businesses and organizations protected. Sponsors included EasyDMARC, TSAChoice, SCW, Hook Security, Epsilon, Advanced Data & Network Solutions, NerdsToGo, Vistanet, Edison Marks, and Electronic Office.

Throughout the series, practical steps were introduced to raise awareness and give individuals, businesses and organizations concrete ways to become more cyber-secure. Specifically covered topics included:

  1. Training employees on security principles (security awareness training)
  2. Patching software and planning for backups and recovery
  3. Data encryption, running antivirus programs, and VPN use
  4. Multi-factor authentication and password policy
  5. Website and domain protection

C3’s basics and fundamentals approach offered suggested steps that can be implemented within a short time frame with no or limited experience and may assist in lowering the risk of being damaged by a cyber-attack by 70 to 80%.

With over 80 attendees representing the Asheville community from a variety of sectors (financial services, marketing, insurance, health care, hospitality, retail, non-profits, and government), the Carolina Cyber Center intends to continue building up North Carolina by providing cybersecurity outreach programs and forging connections throughout the community.  

For more information, contact:

Joe Jakubielski  828-335-3553


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